Britain in Palestine exhibition

To mark centenary of the Balfour Declaration, a re-display of the Britain in Palestine exhibition that was originally shown at the Brunei Gallery, London in 2012.

Make Apartheid History

Make Apartheid History takes the apartheid narrative in order to place Palestine & BDS in the wider story of freedom struggles. It does this through film and video, live events, and multimedia website materials, all designed with a wider public audience in mind. It has developed a strong social media presence since its launch on … Continued

Mangrove Man

MANGROVE MAN is a British feature documentary in development telling the story of Frank Crichlow, a West Indian immigrant whose restaurant ‘The Mangrove’ became London’s epicentre of resistance to racism from the 1960’s through to the 1980’s.

The Roots of Organising in UK Working Class History

The working class movement in the UK is in crisis. A range of communities that are objectively amongst the least powerful in society are increasingly the target of negative stereotypes. Whether they are; asylum seekers, migrant workers, Muslim communities, the working poor, Black British, or the so called: white working class’, there is a stereotype … Continued

A Manifesto for Labour Law

We would like assistance in producing, promoting and disseminating our proposals for a comprehensive review of the UK’s framework of labour law. We have 14 academic and legal experts assisting in the production of 25 policy recommendations which we believe will transform the UK labour market.

Abu Omar is waiting for you

Abu Omar is Waiting for You is a socially engaged art project in collaboration with ten asylum seekers and refugees. The project investigates and communicates how displacement and migration can lead to trauma.

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