Make Apartheid History

Make Apartheid History takes the apartheid narrative in order to place Palestine & BDS in the wider story of freedom struggles. It does this through film and video, live events, and multimedia website materials, all designed with a wider public audience in mind. It has developed a strong social media presence since its launch on … Continued

Mangrove Man

MANGROVE MAN is a British feature documentary in development telling the story of Frank Crichlow, a West Indian immigrant whose restaurant ‘The Mangrove’ became London’s epicentre of resistance to racism from the 1960’s through to the 1980’s.

Marx 200

On 5 May 2018, on the bicentenary of Karl Marx’s birth, the MML will hold a major international conference to celebrate his work and explore the significance of Marxism in the world today. We will aim to reach a broad audience including those new to politics and activism, trade union members and young workers together … Continued

The Roots of Organising in UK Working Class History

The working class movement in the UK is in crisis. A range of communities that are objectively amongst the least powerful in society are increasingly the target of negative stereotypes. Whether they are; asylum seekers, migrant workers, Muslim communities, the working poor, Black British, or the so called: white working class’, there is a stereotype … Continued

The World Transformed 2017 (#TWT2017)

#TWT2017 will be a city-wide festival of socialist politics, art, community and culture. Taking place over a week in September, and centred on the Labour Party Conference, #TWT2017 will program hundreds of events in professional and community venues across the city including workshops, talks, installations and concerts.
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