Novara Media

We are a multimedia platform aiming to promote an anticapitalist politics and critical perspective on current affairs through well researched content and giving a platform to those in struggle.

PROTEST! Stories of Resistance

The commission of an anthology of short stories re-imagining key moments of ‘people protest’ – with each story consulted on by a professional historian and accompanied by an ‘afterword’ by them. Protest! will be a specially commissioned anthology of short stories (and afterwords) exploring ten pivotal moments of ‘popular resistance’ – protests which, in some … Continued

Shifting Capital: Divest from fossil fuels & neoliberalism, Invest into the New Economy

This project will provide targeted research and training to empower union branches, organisers and union representatives to challenge existing investment strategies for public sector pensions. It will focus on democratising local authority pension funds, redirecting them towards a just transition and the new economy and away from fossil fuels and the speculative economy – promoting … Continued

Take Back the City

After a successful year in which Take Back the City has established itself as an growing, diverse, challenging political movement capable of attracting previously unpoliticised young and BME Londoners to political activism, we want to expand our work and impact using popular education methods. We are applying for funds to deliver critical political education workshops … Continued

The future of public ownership

An event to explore the future of public ownership, looking at the trends, imagining public ownership in 2030 and beyond, and discussing how we can expand the public realm. The project aims to bring together a diverse array of progressive groups to look at the future of public ownership, examine the key trends and begin … Continued

The Perpetual Outsider. A Biography of Isaac Deutscher

A new intellectual and personal biography of the Polish Marxist Historian Isaac Deutscher based on extensive archival research at different holdings in Amsterdam, Warsaw, Cracow, London and New York. Research for a monograph to be submitted on completion for publication with Verso books.

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