DECLASSIFIED is a new project that will be an online publication investigating and analysing British foreign, security, intelligence and corporate policies. It is in set-up phase and will launch publicly in October 2019. Its centrepiece is the commissioning and publishing of cutting-edge investigative journalism and commentary. We are seeking funding from the Trust to undertake … Continued


Nice one Cyrille!

Nice one Cyrille! An anti-racist event – and football tournament – celebrating the life of inspirational black footballer Cyrille Regis and the fight against racism from the 1970s to today.

Novara Explains it All

A capsule series of accessible 5 minute video explainers offering nuts and bolts political education on topics such as Capitalism, Socialism, trade unions, the nature and future of work in 21st Century societies, feminism and other similar concepts.

Owning the Future

Common Wealth is a new organisation dedicated to developing and popularising alternative models of ownership to build a democratic economy. Publicly launching in the spring of 2019, we are seeking funding for a two-part project. First, to deliver a high profile public launch event. This will introduce Common Wealth to the media, politics and wider … Continued

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