Summat Else 2018: A Festival of Creative Alternative Futures

Summat is a biennial festival in Leeds that brings non-academic, non-activist audiences together with social movements, for a day of workshops, talks, activities, and performances. To explore this years theme of ‘creative alternative futures’, we will be learning from concrete examples of how communities are carving out new ways to regain control and democratic ownership … Continued

The Leveller Association development project

Through developing the Levellers’ Association to initiate a related series of conferences, lectures, walking tours, film showings, public events, and the production of printed and online material that both deepen and broaden our understanding of the English revolution, the place of radicals within it, and the importance of left and Marxist approaches to history.

Votes for Women 100

In 2018 it will be one hundred years since women voted in Parliamentary elections for the first time. Although the Representation of the People Act 1918 enfranchised only 40% of women, it was a landmark in British history. It established the principle of Parliamentary votes for women and was the foundation of the campaign for … Continued

Make Apartheid History

Make Apartheid History takes the apartheid narrative in order to place Palestine & BDS in the wider story of freedom struggles. It does this through film and video, live events, and multimedia website materials, all designed with a wider public audience in mind. It has developed a strong social media presence since its launch on … Continued

Mangrove Man

MANGROVE MAN is a British feature documentary in development telling the story of Frank Crichlow, a West Indian immigrant whose restaurant ‘The Mangrove’ became London’s epicentre of resistance to racism from the 1960’s through to the 1980’s.

Marx 200

On 5 May 2018, on the bicentenary of Karl Marx’s birth, the MML will hold a major international conference to celebrate his work and explore the significance of Marxism in the world today. We will aim to reach a broad audience including those new to politics and activism, trade union members and young workers together … Continued
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