Owning the Future

Common Wealth is a new organisation dedicated to developing and popularising alternative models of ownership to build a democratic economy. Publicly launching in the spring of 2019, we are seeking funding for a two-part project. First, to deliver a high profile public launch event. This will introduce Common Wealth to the media, politics and wider … Continued

Resist: Stories of Progress

The commission of an anthology of historically accurate short stories and afterwords exploring 20 moments of popular resistance that shaped contemporary Britain (pairing authors with historians/activists), with events and podcasts.


Retake: Histories of the Black Film Bulletin

The Black Film Bulletin (BFB), which ran from 1993 to 2000, was a central forum for critical debates on Black British, African and diasporic filmmaking and cultural activism. “Retake: Histories of the Black Film Bulletin” is a digitisation and publication project aiming to 1) secure the afterlife of BFB and related archival materials housed at … Continued


Robin Murray Digital Archive

This project will create a free, online repository of the works of visionary Marxist economist Robin Murray who made significant contributions to the fields of fair trade, social innovation, environmentalism and post-fordism. It also seeks to support reflection and creative thinking about today’s social and economic challenges not only amongst academics and activists but also … Continued

Alexander Baron: City, War, Lowlife

Publishing at an affordable price the first authoritative and engaging account of the life and writing of the socialist novelist, Alexander Baron (1917-1999) – with supporting outreach activity

Case studies research and book: the exclusion and politicising of people targeted by austerity

Application for funding for help transcribing interview recordings and editing an interview-based austerity case-study project for publication as a book. About 50% of the interviews for the case studies for this project are complete and first drafts of some interviews written. The book introduction and these drafts are available for viewing if required.

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