After Strangeways: Engaging prisoners in critical thinking about the past, present and future of imprisonment in Britain

On the 1st April 2020 the CCJS hosts a major event on imprisonment in Britain. This will be exactly 30 years since the first day of the Strangeways protests. Lasting 25 days and spreading across several prisons, Strangeways remains the largest prison protest in England and Wales. Thirty years on, the dysfunctions and problems of … Continued

Little Rebels Award for Radical Children’s Fiction

The Little Rebels Award for Radical Children’s Fiction was established by the Alliance of Radical Booksellers (ARB) in 2012. The award is run on behalf of the ARB by two not-for-profit booksellers: Housmans Bookshop, one of London’s longest surviving and last remaining radical bookshops, and Letterbox Library, a workers’ cooperative and booksellers specialising in inclusive … Continued

Raymond Williams, Marxism, Literature

This project is centred upon the recordings of a series of lectures Raymond Williams gave in Cambridge in 1972 which became his landmark book ‘Marxism and Literature’ (1977). On loan from Merryn Williams, the daughter of Raymond Williams, they capture the beginning of what Williams described as an attempt to set his work ‘into a … Continued

Work Force

A digital platform that gives workers practical tools to document and reflect upon their working conditions, build solidarity within and across industries, and collectively organise against oppression.

A Statue of Sylvia Pankhurst

• To write, record and install the necessary technology to make the statue a “talking” statue telling the story of Sylvia Pankhurst’s political campaigning to a wider audience. • A public event to unveil the statue attended by all donors. Work with local businesses to create an inclusive and celebratory event highlighting the causes for … Continued

Anti-Apartheid Movement Education in Schools

The proposed project will facilitate educational talks in 20 secondary schools in London and other centres such as Bristol, Sheffield and Newcastle. The talks will be delivered by former anti-apartheid activists and campaigners and work in collaboration with the Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives (AAM) for resources. While the history of apartheid will be covered, the primary … Continued
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