Alexander Baron: City, War, Lowlife

Publishing at an affordable price the first authoritative and engaging account of the life and writing of the socialist novelist, Alexander Baron (1917-1999) – with supporting outreach activity

Case studies research and book: the exclusion and politicising of people targeted by austerity

Application for funding for help transcribing interview recordings and editing an interview-based austerity case-study project for publication as a book. About 50% of the interviews for the case studies for this project are complete and first drafts of some interviews written. The book introduction and these drafts are available for viewing if required.

Class, culture and resistance. Working-class struggle, unity and resistance in a divided city.

“Class, Culture and Resistance. Working-class Struggle, Unity and Resistance in a Divided City” is a popular education project being developed and delivered by Just Learning: Labour and Community Education. This is a research and education project that will use both historical and in-depth interview-based research to develop an accredited course and online resource on the … Continued

Consented Youth

Consented Youth will run a 26 week alternative curriculum at Chestnut Grove Academy in Balham from September 2018/19 (continuing from our work last year). The curriculum focuses on providing a political education to 15-18 year olds on histories of capitalism, neoliberalism, colonialism and many more topics.


KIN 2018 will be an international learning space for 60 black activists to explore the intellectual history of anti racism, share best organising practices and develop resilient leadership for racial justice.

London Recruits

A feature-length documentary and related educational project telling the true story of the young, mostly British, students and workers who volunteered for life-threatening, undercover missions against South Africa’s apartheid regime.

Public Ownership 2.0

An urgent and timely conference bringing together policy and governance experts, politicians, campaigners and the public to form networks, plot next steps and shape understanding of public ownership.