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Welcome to the Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn trust
The Trust was founded in 1980 by Norman Melburn and named for
his friend and fellow Marxist, the lawyer Barry Amiel.
Both men are now commemorated in the name of the Trust,
following Norman Melburn's death in 1991.

The general objectives of the Trust are to advance public education,
learning and knowledge in all aspects of the philosophy of Marxism,
the history of socialism, and the working- class movement.

The Trust as well as initiating activity or research in pursuit of these objects,
is open to applications for funding.
The Trust will give financial assistance to bodies or individuals
for projects which the Trust considers fall within the scope of the Trust's remit.

Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust Lecture 2015

Kathy Boudin

Criminal injustice:
Mass incarceration and the US prison nation



annual lecture
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